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We now offer protective covers for all our Li’l Hauler sizes. Our water repellant covers are what you need when you want to protect your investment.

Protective covers are true to form, perfectly crafted by us so they fit your Smitty’s wagon right the first time. They will keep your wagon safe and protect it from most weather conditions (not intended for permanent outside storage).

Protective covers are available in all our wagon sizes 200,300,400,450 wagons. Please indicate which series wagon you have when ordering to be sure to get the right size.
(Black Only)

Order yours today!

Our price:

Series 300
Series 400
Series 450


For your pulling comfort!
We’ve made handle grips to make it all the more enjoyable when pulling those special little people in your Smitty’s Wagon.

Our handle grips are reversible so you can choose the soft side or the gripping side.

Our price:

All Models

Smitty's Sleigh Conversion Kit

This kit is for those who already have the Smitty's wagon.
Just unbolt 4 bolts to take off the running gear.
Use the same bolts and existing holes to attach
the sleigh runners.
PLEASE NOTE: Series 400 & 450 Sleigh kits are not available.
Its easy to convert. Your wagon and sleigh are all in one! Now available Series 300 Sleigh Kits!


Series 200 & 300 Sleigh Kit $139.95

 Smitty's Pup Trailers

Smitty's Li'l Hauler Pupp Trailers are the perfect addition for your Smitty's Wagon.

Great for towing around other children, pets, etc. You will still be able to walk with the pupp trailer hooked up. You can hook'em to your lawn tractor & form a wagon train for the kids, or you can use it for hauling yard materials.

Canopy Kits are also available for the pupp trailers, form your Smitty's Wagon convoy today! This little red wagon keeps getting better all the time & that's the way we like it!

Available for the following models:
300 series - $199.95
400 series - $209.95
450 series - $219.95


All prices subject to change without notice.



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