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The Smitty’s Wagon is clearly a wagon at first glance. But don’t mistake familiarity with convention. This wagon is unlike any wagon which has come before.
  • Founded in Shedden in 1988. Smitty's Wagons has continued to grow & strive for excellence by establishing 25 solid years of strong customer relationships. It is our goal to improve ourselves internally.

  • Through this philosophy we can deliver exceptional service and first rate products. Smitty's Wagons is a very small and unique company specializing in creating the ultimate toys for kids!
  • Smitty's Wagons will keep rolling into the minds of children & adults making dreams a reality. Our wagons are built strong enough to use on the job! Each wagon is versatile enough to help mom in the garden & dad in the garage, they're all terrain wagons! Smitty's Wagons are highest in quality and we are building our little company into an industry leader.
  • We know that there are other respected wagon companies to choose from. How we differentiate ourselves from our competitors is simple. We like to help our customers make informed decisions, a Smitty's Wagon is an informed purchase one you can be proud of a purchase that will continue to bring generations of delight to the kids and adults in your family.
  • Smitty's Wagons were built in the small village of Shedden Ontario Canada originally. We haverelocated our shop production to London Ontario Canada.
  • At Smitty's Wagons we feel it's in the best interest of our customers to manufacture our products here in Canada completely. We do not want to produce our products overseas like many of our competitors. We feel that quality is number one and that's exactly what you will get when you purchase a Smitty's Li'l Hauler Wagon! Every single one of our wagons is hand crafted to excellence using the finest materials selected to accomplish the best wagon available! Our steel frames are full length so the wagon always has enough strength for whatever situation it may be used for. We only use solid steel in the fabrication of our frames not tubular steel like our competitors. YOU WILL NOTFIND ANY PLASTIC PARTS ON A SMITTY'S WAGON!
  • Smitty's Wagons may not be the lowest price wagon out there, but we believe we are the best! We see to it that each customer who decides to buy a Smitty's Li'l Hauler gets value for every dollar they spend. A Smitty's Wagon may not be in everbodies budget, but if you decide to go with a Smitty's Wagon it's a wagon you and your child can depend on every single time for decade after decade!

    "This website was created to promote our company through the Internets online toy stores."
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